2014 Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard Review

2014 Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard Review
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bataleon evil twin snowboard 2014

2014 Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard Review


Every year we try the Bataleon Evil Twin it’s a little different, but we love it no less. The 2014 Bataleon Evil Twin snowboard is a perfect mix of all-mtn and freestyle. It begs to be ridden in the trees where its TBT (Triple Base Technology) makes engaging your turns instant.
Some say TBT or Bataleon’s spoon edges are not for everyone, but we say if you give it chance and get past the learning curve, you could learn to love it (or at least appreciate it).

To the park – The 2014 Bataleon Evil Twin is not the most buttery, but it’ll press if you throw your weight into it. It may not be the poppiest snowboard, but medium flex does make for a great jumping snowboard. Plus landings and spins on boxes and rails are catch-free due to the TBT’s raised contact points.

In all the 2014 Bataleon Evil Twin is a great all-mtn board that loves the park.

Note: If you tend to flick your spins off of your edge, you may not have a good time until you start doing them flat based on this snowboard.

Shred Cred 98

Does Board Insiders recommend this snowboard? 3 Yes
Would we buy this snowboard? 2 Yes, 1 No

2014 Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard Flex Test Video:

2014 Bataleon Evil Twin Manufacturer Overview Video:

From Bataleon Snowboards:

The backbone of Bataleon’s True Twin range, we made the EVIL TWIN even better by softening the core a little. The CORE CORE guarantees that the board remains very poppy and super stable. A true twin shape with TWIN TBT, the EVIL TWIN is equally at home on big park kickers and backcountry booters. It carves like a dream on groomers and thanks to the soft-mid flex the EVIL TWIN can also take on rails and smash powder runs. The EVIL TWIN is the board for total park domination.

Sizes Available: 149, 152, 154, 156w, 157, 159

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