2014 Never Summer Proto HD Snowboard Review

2014 Never Summer Proto HD Snowboard Review
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2014 Never Summer Proto HD Snowboard Review


When the Never Summer Proto CT came out a couple years back we couldn't get enough of it. It charged everywhere, yet was still playful in the park. The 2014 Never Summer Proto HD was a refinement that brought a slightly different feel. While it wasn't as poppy as it's predecessor it still goes everywhere and does just about everything. The 2014 Never Summer Proto HD is a true all mountain killer.

Shred Cred 95

Does Board Insiders recommend this snowboard? 3 Yes
Would we buy this snowboard? 3 Yes

2014 Never Summer Proto HD Snowboard Flex Test:

From Never Summer Snowboards:

Proto is short for prototype. The Proto is continually evolving. For 2013/14 we’ve developed a new Extended Transition Rocker Camber Profile (EXRC) specifically for the Proto. This longer transition area extends from the ends of the camber to a new Low Profile Tip and Tail (LPT). Glide and float characteristics are increased and pressure over the ends of the contact points are decreased allowing for effortless edge-to-edge transitioning. Our blunted true twin shape cuts down on nose and tail material for a reduced spin weight while increasing the effective edge producing superior stability. Unmatched snap, power, and pop, plus amazing powder floatation, edge hold, and high-speed stability makes the Proto HD a versatile and formidable threat for all aspects of snowboarding.

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