2014 Rossignol Circuit Snowboard Review

2014 Rossignol Circuit Snowboard Review
92Shred Cred

rossignol circuit snowboard 2014

2014 Rossignol Circuit Snowboard Review


To say the 2014 Rossignol Circuit Snowboard is just a snowboard would be accurate, but it would be disregarding the best feature, the familiarity of riding something simple. While it has Rossignol’s Amptek AutoTurn, 20% camber and 80% Rocker, it rides a little like a traditional camber snowboard. That is to say the turning is predictable and the handling isn’t super loose. In fact in some cases we found it to be a little more difficult to disengage turns, once they were initiated.

The high Shred Cred was deserved because it handled variable conditions great. Throw in the $289 price point and the 2014 Rossignol Circuit snowboard is a real bargain.

Shred Cred 92

Does Board Insiders recommend this snowboard? 3 Yes
Would we buy this snowboard? 3 No

2014 Rossignol Circuit Snowboard Flex Test Video:

2014 Rossignol Circuit Snowboard Manufacturer Overview Video:

From Rossignol Snowboards:

The CIRCUIT AMPTEK makes all-mountain progression easy. AmpTek Auto Turn combines slight camber between the inserts for stability and edge grip, with higher tip and tail rocker, providing incredible ease-of-use, smooth full-length grip and no-catch edge control. With a forgiving directional flex, the Circuit makes aspiring riders better, faster. Short circuit the learning curve, strap in and ride.

Available Sizes: 145, 150, 155, 160, 165

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