Best Snowboards for 2014/2015

After 8 weeks of testing, these are the best snowboards for the 2015 season. They are on sale at your local shops and online. All of theses snowboards received a Shred Cred rating of 90 or above.

You may see some random items that our handy dandy widget thinks are relevant. It’s not perfect but you can rely on the location your sent to be safe for shopping for your new snowboard.

If you find a bug please give us feedback. Thanks!

Arbor Formula Snowboard

Arbor Formula Snowboard 2015

Arbor Wasteland Snowboard

Arbor Wasteland Snowboard 2015

Bataleon Cameltoe Snowboard

Bataleon Cameltoe Snowboard 2015

Bataleon Goliath Snowboard

bataleon Goliath Snowboard 2015 

Endeavor Guerilla Snowboard

Endeavor Guerilla Snowboard 2015

Flow Chill Snowboard

Flow Chill Snowboard

Flow Whiteout Snowboard

flow whiteout snowboard

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Mt Twin snowboard

K2 Fastplant Snowboard


K2 LimeLite Snowboard

k2 limelite snowboard

L2R Foundation Snowboard

L2R Foundation snowboard

Never Summer EVO Snowboard

Never Summer EVO snowboard

Never Summer Infinity Snowboard

never summer infinity snowboard

Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

never summer ripsaw snowboard

Never Summer SnowTrooper Board

never summer snowtrooper snowboard

Ride Helix Board

Ride Helix Snowboard

Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard

rossignol frenemy snowboard

Rossignol Krypto Snowboard

Rossignol Krypto snowboard

Rossignol One Magtek Snowboard

rossignol one magtek snowboard

Rossignol Retox Snowboard

rossignol retox snowboard

Rossignol Taipan Snowboard

rossignol taipan snowboard

Rossignol Tesla Snowboard

rossignol tesla snowboard

Rossignol XV Snowboard

rossignol XV snowboard

Slash ATV Snowboard

Slash ATV snowboard

Slash Brainstorm Snowboard

slash brainstorm snowboard

Slash Happy Place Snowboard

 Slash Happy Place Snowboard

Slash Johnnie Paxson Snowboard

Slash Paxson Snowboard

Slash Straight Snowboard

slash straight snowboard

Smokin Awesym Snowboard

smokin awesym snowboard

Smokin PYT Snowboard

smokin pyt snowboard

Arbor Westmark Snowboard

arbor westmark snowboard

Batlaeon Airobic Snowboard

bataleon airobic snowboard 2015

Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard

bataleon evil twin snowboard

Endeavor Boyfriend Snowboard

endeavor boyfriend snowboard

Endeavor KTV Snowboard

Endeavor KTV snowboard

K2 Hit Machine Snowboard

K2 Hitmachine snowboard

Never Summer Chairman Snowboard

never summer chairman snowboard 2015

Ride Alter Ego Snowboard

ride alter ego snowboard 2015

Ride Compact Snowboard

ride compact snowboard

Ride OMG Snowboard

Ride OMG snowboard

Rossignol Angus Snowboard

rossignol angus snowboard

Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard

rossignol jibsaw magtek snowboard 2015

Rossignol RocknRolla Snowboard

rossignol rocknrolla amptek snowboard

Rossignol TrickStick Snowboard

rossignol trickstick snowboard