2016 Arbor Cadence Snowboard Review

2016 Arbor Cadence Snowboard Review
98Shred Cred

2016 arbor cadence snowboard

2016 Arbor Cadence Snowboard


Our top Shred Cred women’s snowboards were all mountain snowboards this year. The 2016 Arbor Cadence Snowboard was no exception. While we started the low snowpack testing season as a park shoot-out, we ended up getting a few pow dumps and were able to take some boards all mountain.

We have been testing the Arbor Cadence for a few years now and while its overall score is always high, the board has changed. Gone are the days of the feather light weight and the Sylvia Ji graphics, but long live its new ability to shred and own the stability category.

We can narrow the Arbor Cadence’s best qualities to two words, control and pop. The control comes from the stability of a little added weight and dampening, and the Grip Tech side cut. Grip Tech is the addition of contact points at your heels and toes. (Contact points allow you to engage turns and generally let you “feel” the snow.) We were able to conquer any terrain in any condition we encountered.

Rocker camber often gets associated with the feeling of loose handling, lack of control, and less pop. Less pop usually comes back to the fact that the board is loaded from the middle and not the tips like positive camber snowboards. But for the 2016 Arbor Cadence the pop is there and alive. (Arbor has nailed rocker with pop for years.) We found Arbor Cadence’s rocker camber only helped, especially when we encountered pow. Its raised tips give it extra float.

In all, the 2016 Arbor Cadence is a great all mountain board that can hold its own in the park. The pop comes alive on jumps and the control will make it all comfortable and easy to ride. Its turns are predictable and great for carves. We suggest this to every lady shredder out there because it has something to offer every skill level.

Shred Cred 98

Does Board Insiders recommend this snowboard? 3 Yes
Would we buy this snowboard? 3 Yes

2016 Arbor Cadence Snowboard Manufacturer Video:

From Arbor Snowboards:

We know it’s all about finding your rhythm on the mountain and that’s why we created the Cadence. This freestyle-oriented, women’s specific snowboard has a softer flex that makes turning effortless and learning tricks easy like Sunday morning. The Cadence is geared towards freestyle riding but doesn’t take kindly to labels. Bring the Cadence in any terrain and you will see, first-hand, that this board can hold its own across a wide range of conditions and variables. Aritst: David Hale

– 360 RAILS

Length 139 143 147 151
Effective Edge 106.2 109.8 113.4 117
Tip Length 18.9 19.1 19.3 19.5
Tail Length 18.9 19.1 19.3 19.5
Tip Width 26.9 27.25 27.6 27.95
Waist Width 23.15 23.35 23.55 23.75
Tail Width 26.9 27.25 27.6 27.95
Taper 0 0 0 0
Camber PR-0.68 PR-0.71 PR-0.75 PR-0.79
Ref. Point Width 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.8
Ref. Stance Setback 0 0 0 0
Tip Transition Sidecut 8 8.2 8.4 8.6
Sidecut – (m) 7.1 7.3 7.5 7.7
Tail Transition Sidecut 8 8.2 8.4 8.6
Rider Weight – (lb) 60-140 68-148 76-156 84-164+
Rider Weight – (kg) 27-64 31-67 34-71 38-74+

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