2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope Snowboard Review

2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope Snowboard Review
94Shred Cred

capita horrorscope snowboard 2016

2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope Snowboard Review


Considering how many snowboards we test every spring, it’s amazing how many boards we agree on. Even though we always give boards a Shred Cred rating, our real goal is nail down what a board is good at. With the 2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope snowboard we agreed that it’s a park board, but didn’t necessarily agree on it’s exact discipline. Tyler likes it for jibs, Aiden for jumps, and Ajit for all around.

At first glance it might be easy to base the differences on rider weight, but Aiden is almost the same weight as Tyler and Ajit is 30 pounds heavier than than both of them. To analyze it further it probably boils down to weight and style.

Marketed as a Street/Urban snowboard, the Horrorscope has the wow-pow flat kick tips. We agreed that the flat kick makes for stable butters and presses. Plus it’s lifted enough for not catching while spinning on park features and can handle a little bit of pow.

Bottom line, we’d love to hear from you. Is the 2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope a jib, jump, or all around park board?

Shred Cred 94

Does Board Insiders recommend this snowboard? 3 Yes
Would we buy this snowboard? 2 Yes, 1 No

2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope Snowboard Review Video:

2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope Flex Test:

From CAPiTA:

One of the best urban and park boards in the game got even better for 2015-2016. With a new RFC Sustainable Core, and all-new Bitter End Deflection Tuning on the tip and tail, this Transworld Good Wood Award winner just keeps getting stronger. Featuring a throwback blunted shape with a shorter tip and tail for decreased swing weight, the Horrorscope allows you to size down without losing any performance. Team ridden, team designed, and the #1 selling board in the CAPiTA line is a must-have deck for your quiver.

Length (cm) 147 149 151 153 155 157
Effective Edge (cm) 112.89 114.49 116.09 117.69 119.29 120.89
Tip Width (cm) 29.2 29.5 29.7 30 30.3 30.5
Tail Width (cm) 29.2 29.5 29.7 30 30.3 30.5
Waist Width (cm) 24.8 25 25.2 25.4 25.6 25.8
Sidecut (m) 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 7.9 8
Length (cm) 151W 153W 155W 157W
Effective Edge (cm) 116.09 117.68 119.29 120.88
Tip Width (cm) 30.3 30.6 30.8 31
Tail Width (cm) 30.3 30.6 30.8 31
Waist Width (cm) 25.8 26 26.1 26.3
Sidecut (m) 7.7 7.8 7.9 8

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