2016 GNU B Pro Snowboard Review

2016 GNU B Pro Snowboard Review
97Shred Cred

gnu b-pro c3btx snowboard women's 2016

2016 GNU B-Pro Snowboard


The 2016 GNU B-Pro is all about control. Control in the park, control outside the park, and control in variable conditions. It would probably safely drive your car down an icy mountain pass if it could reach the pedals. We found that the control inspired confidence. Confidence to try new tricks in the park, charge when the terrain is sketch, and to basically take our snowboarding game to the next level.

Barret Christy’s GNU B-Pro snowboard has been around for years. In fact, we have an 8 year old model hanging around the office that belongs to our marketing director and she says it was all about control back then.

While we can’t call out that the 2016 GNU B Pro did any one thing amazingly well, it is because it was pretty darn great at everything we threw at it. It continues with its C3 camber. C3 is a rocker/camber combo that is camber dominant. Basically, it’s mostly camber with a little bit of rocker thrown into the middle. The rocker provides a little bit of playfulness into a very stable snowboard.

In all, we recommend this to every level of rider. The beginner and intermediate riders may have the most to gain from it because its superior control allows you to stop worrying about edges and concentrate on having fun.

Shred Cred 97

Does Board Insiders recommend this snowboard? 3 Yes
Would we buy this snowboard? 3 Yes

2016 GNU B-Pro Snowboard Flex Test Video:

2016 GNU B-Pro Snowboard Manufacturer Overview Video:

From GNU Snowboards:

The most refined board in women’s snowboarding. Barrett began working on the B-Pro with a focus on pipe and park championships. Riding Crested Butte, Vail and Mt Baker, free riding, deep pow and the Baker Banked Slalom were always on her design radar. Constantly tweaking and refining this board over the years with Gnu’s design team has landed this board on the podium in every event imaginable. The B-Pro is guaranteed to win the day at your local mountain. Proceeds support Boarding For Breast Cancer. Art by Adam Hanes.

Size (cm) 143 146 149 152 155
Effective Edge (mm) 1090 1110 1130 1150 1180
Tip Width (mm) 273 277 280 285 290
Waist Width (mm) 235 238 242 244 248
Tail Width (mm) 273 277 280 285 290
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.9 8.1 8.1 8.2 8.3
Stance Setback (in) 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Range (in) 18 – 23.5 18.5 – 23.5 19.24 – 24 19.24 – 24 19.24 – 24
Rider Weight (lbs) 70 – 140 80 – 150 90 – 160 100 – 180 100 – 210
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular

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