2016 Ride Kink Snowboard Review

2016 Ride Kink Snowboard Review
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ride kink snowboard 2016

2016 Ride Kink Snowboard


As always, we’re blessed that we are able–and do–take the time to really get to know the most unfamiliar snowboards. Cameron had to take several days to get over his fear of a medium stiff board, and once he really familiarized himself with the 2016 Ride Kink snowboard, he loved it.

That said, the rest of us have ridden the Ride Kink in previous years. We found the new 2016 Ride Kink snowboard to be stiffer than previous years. Because of this and its positive camber, it has pop and stability. In fact, we used to consider the Ride Kink a super soft jib focused board. Now it’s more of an all-around park board. We had a ton of fun on this board. Its Slimewalls provide durability and dampness and its sidecut makes for predictable turning.

Bottom line, the 2016 Ride Kink snowboard is made for an advanced park rider that is ready to throw their weight around and tell the park who’s boss.

Shred Cred 95

Does Board Insiders recommend this snowboard? 4 Yes
Would we buy this snowboard? 1 Yes, 3 No

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From Ride Snowboards:
The Kink got a facelift with a new shape, improved tech and art by the legendary, Sean Cliver. Twin Rocker and new Roll In™ Slimewalls® make up the most durable board from the park to the streets.

Twin Rocker Shape
Roll In™ Slimewalls®
Foundation™ Core
Cleave Edge™ Steel
Biaxial Glass
Fusion 1500™ Base
2×4 Inserts
Flat Kick Tip

Size (CM) 149 152 155 158 160
Sidecut (M) Radius Entry/Focus/Exit 9.2/7.7/9.2 9.3/7.8/9.3 9.4/7.9/9.4 9.5/8.0/9.5 9.6/8.1/9.6
Effective Edge (MM) 1165 1193 1216 1241 1267
Tip & Tai Width(MM) 291 293 296 298 300
Waist Width (MM) 250 251 252 253 254
Rider Weight (lbs) 75-135 103-150 125-175 130-180 140-190
Size (CM) 154W 157W 161W
Sidecut (M) Radius Entry/Focus/Exit 9.4/7.9/9.4 9.5/8.0/9.5 9.7/8.2/9.7
Effective Edge (MM) 1203 1228 1267
Tip & Tail Width (MM) 303 306 309
Waist Width (MM) 260 262 263
Rider Weight (lbs) 130-180 140-190 150-220+

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