2016 Slash Happy Place Snowboard Deal

Slash Happy Place Snowboard

March 17, 2016 – We hold a special place in our heart for the Slash snowboards. One could say it might even be our Happy Place. This fun park snowboard is most at home on rails, but it can jump too.

Was: $400
Now: $320

Follow this link for the deal: http://goo.gl/o4Ea0r

2016 slash happy place snowboard

See the full review: http://www.boardinsiders.com/2016-slash-happy-place-snowboard-review/

Lop-sided kickers, crusty rails, sticky boxes; when the conditions just aren’t optimal, you’ll be one of the few smiles in the crowd ’cause you’re on the Slash Happy Place Snowboard. It’s Pop Core is ultra light for a quick, nimble ride and the Camrock with Ultimate Traction gives you all the control needed for dropping hammers in icy to prime time conditions. Designed for airtime, jib presses, and transitional butters between features, you’ll be vibing anytime you strap into the Slash Happy Place Snowboard.

Slash Happy Place Snowboard DETAILS
Camrock – The CAMROCK design is very playful. The narrow contact points and the lifted tips make the board easy to turn. We added flat spots outside the bindings toward the tip and tail which give you all the pop you need to ollie over anything that lies in your path. The camber between your feet gives you stability and responsiveness in all conditions and terrain types

Flex Rating: 4 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) – The most versatile flex that is both forgiving and fun but stable and responsive at high speeds.

Progressive Sidecut – The sidecut consists of a progressive radius that makes the contact points of the board more prevalent for smooth turns.
Ultimate Traction – A small counter radius bump placed in the middle of the board’s sidecut results in improved edge hold. In translation, you get more grip on hardpack and ice without needing to put in as much effort, thus reducing fatigue.
Slick Tip Profile – By reducing the wood thickness and removing the ABS parts at the nose and tail, the board becomes significantly lighter and dampens vibrations.

Pop Core – A blend of Poplar and Beechwood give the board strength and liveliness. Four-stringers of Spruce added to the tail and nose enhance turning precision and amplify pop.

Biax Fiberglass – The 0-90 biax fiberglass laminate strengthens the snowboard making it a versatile and strong deck.
Sweet Spot – Two criss-crossed strips of carbon fibers are placed underneath the bindings. This configuration drastically increases pop, strength and makes for a playful ride.

Sintered Base + Factory Wax – Mega-fast sintered bases are highly wax absorbent, dense, durable and strong. This base will perform best when waxed regularly. The deck comes pre-waxed with OneBallJay
Die-Cut Base – Base color displayed may not be available. Base colors may vary.

Tip Protectors – Thin, light and surprisingly strong. Aluminum guards protect the board from impact.

6 x 2 Insert Pattern

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