About Board Insiders

Board Insiders is your trusted source for information when you’re looking to buy a snowboard.  We offer snowboard reviews, product education, industry news, and trends—giving you what you need to make an informed decision on what to buy.

At Board Insiders, there are tons of videos and other content to help you find the best snowboard for you.

  • Full Reviews: Comprehensive reviews where multiple testers ride a snowboard for as long as it takes to become familiar with the board’s technology and features. These reviews tell you about the personality of the snowboard, who should be riding it, and the terrain it’s best suited for (conditions permitting).

  • Review Previews: When our testers don’t have a chance to ride a snowboard for the extended period required for full reviews (above), we want to provide you with our first impression.  Typically, you’ll see these after we go to demos like at the annual Snowsports trade show (SIA). These short tests can also influence which boards we’ll ask manufacturers to send us for full reviews. If you have a board you want us to test, tell us here.

  • Flex Tests: One of the most popular questions we get is, “What’s the flex of this board?” You asked, we delivered. Since we don’t have a fancy flex machine, we decided to take the boards back to headquarters and test the flex on an even playing field…errr carpet. The traditional 1-10 flex rating just doesn’t cut it anymore with all the new camber profiles available. While we don’t claim this to be scientific, it helps us show you how all the combo cambers affect the flex of the boards.

  • Manufacturer Overviews: Manufacturers provide overviews of their line, letting you know about new technology and features, what type of rider a snowboard is built for, and the conditions it’s intended to shred best in.

About Shred Cred

Board Insiders 2015 Shred Cred Gold 95Looking for the best snowboard for you? Shred Cred is our rating system and the methodology behind it is transparent. Each snowboard tested receives a Shred Cred score from 1 to 100 based on performance. Variables like skill level, riding style, conditions, and others are taken into account when reviewing each board. The reviewers are real, everyday snowboarders who vary in style and ability. Hence our motto, real riders, real reviews.

Not everyone can relate to professional snowboarders, so why let them tell you what board to buy? We believe you would prefer to hear from experienced riders, but riders that are more like you. We also don’t try to have only a few riders test hundreds of boards in a short period. We take our time. Typical ride time for one board is over half a day, giving our testers a chance to take plenty of runs on the same board.

Snowboards receiving a Shred Cred of 90 or above are eligible for Shred Cred Awards. Check out the winners below and look out for Shred Cred stickers identifying the award winners at local retailers and online.

Top snowboards of the year:
2016 Shred Cred Winners
2015 Shred Cred Winners
2014 Shred Cred Winners


Board Insiders receives free products from snowboard related brands, like action cameras to get those on the snow shots (thanks, GoPro and Sony), sweet goggles (you rock, Dye and Oakley), hats, gloves and outerwear to keep us toasty warm (much love, Coal, 686, Holden, and Pow) and helmets to keep our noggins protected (safety first, Protec). However, we DO NOT receive free snowboards for our snowboard reviews (with the exception of an occasional giveaway). We work directly with the manufacturers to loan us snowboards to test.