Best Snowboards to Butter: 2016 NUDDER BUDDER

Butters, ground tricks, flatland, or flat ground, it’s all the same. In the NW we like to call it buttering. It’s basically doing a nosepress or tailpress, sometimes while spinning and sometimes not.

This year we decided to take our carpet flex tests out on the slopes and see if what would happen if we could butter all of our boards back to back. We’ll we didn’t get through all of them but we did make it to 21. Somewhere in that we stumbled upon a name to give the best butterers. And the NUDDER BUDDER was born.

8 out 21 snowboards won our NUDDER BUDDER Award. The boards that won had 3 things in common.
1. Super easy to press
2. Stable once buttering
3. Didn’t loop out unless you got stupid with it

Here is a list of the all of the boards we tested. All of the NUDDER BUDDER winners are signified with a NUDDER BUDDER badge during the video.
2016 Lib Box Scratcher Snowboard 0:33
2016 Salomon Villain Snowboard 0:50
2016 Flow Verve Snowboard 1:08
2016 Venture Zelix Snowboard 1:20
2016 Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard 1:28
2016 Rossignol District Snowboard 1:52
2016 Slash Spectrum Snowboard 2:36
2016 CAPiTA Horrorscope Snowboard 3:07
2016 Arbor Draft Snowboard 3:50
2016 Slash Happy Place Snowboard 4:37
2016 Rossignol Trickstick Snowboard 5:15
2016 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard 5:36
2016 Burton Name Dropper Snowboard 6:08
2016 Never Summer Funslinger Snowboard 6:55
2016 Endeavor Vice Snowboard 7:49
2016 Rossignol RocknRolla Snowboard 8:13
2016 CAPiTA Defender of Awesome Snowboard 9:16
2016 Burton Custom Snowboard 9:55
2016 GNU Smart Pickle Snowboard 10:15
2016 Ride Crook Snowboard 10:34
2016 Salomon Salomonder Snowboard 10:52

If your questions look like:
What snowboard should I buy?
What’s the softest park snowboard?
How to butter on a snowboard?
How to buy a snowboard?

This video will not answer those questions. You’d be better going straight to the top Shred Cred list. Top snowboard Shred Cred for 2015-2016.

Timberline Lodge, OR

Special Thanks:
Coal Headwear
Crack Grease Snowboarding
Mt. Hood 26
Vie Industries

Music Credit:
1st song – Mike Folden
The rest of the songs – YouTube freebies

No fun here, strictly business. 😉

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