Board Insiders Shred Cred Park Shoot-out

Board Insiders Shred Cred Testing

If you live on the West Coast you are probably painfully aware that the past season’s snowfall was, to put it nicely, sparse. Some of our riders who usually get over 100 days (don’t hate) were looking at less than 20 days riding.

After scouring Timberline’s webcams and talking to our local Mt. Hood riders, we made a plan to test only park boards. Nature called, we listened. We aimed for the biggest park blow-out ever and do it all in 10 days. After all, Good Wood’s are done in about that time and they cover all types.

Our timeline hit two snags. One, we needed more time. You can’t really get a good sense of a snowboard if you’re riding 3-4 in one day (the jury’s out on how the Good Woods test 5-6 per day without sacrificing the quality of review). Two, we got new snow—and lots of it. Yup, the days before we showed up to Mt. Hood we had a storm roll through, filling in the park. A few days later in the middle of our aggressive 10-day schedule, the winter showed back up and we got a few feet of new snow. Not complaining because the snow really helped the park features take shape. All in all, we tripled our park shoot-out to 30 days and did it right. We are now back in the editing room, having just finished sorting all the footy. Shred Cred winners to be announced June 24th, with snowboard reviews to follow.

“We go the much needed NW spring pow at Timberline.”

Couple shout outs this year—we have some new riders and new GoPro accessories. One of our new riders is Cameron, checkout his little edit. Also, you’ll notice some our riding footy is a bit smoother. That’s because of the new GoPro accessory we call the “Magic Stick”. In reality, it’s a 3 axis gimble hand-held stabilizer. It’s not waterproof (at all), so on wet days, it had to make way for the ol’ handmade GoPro poles.

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