Burton Name Dropper Snowboard Deal

Burton Name Dropper Snowboard Deal – 40% Off!

September 4, 2016 – The Burton Name Dropper snowboard has an off-axis Squeezebox core, making it soft and asymmetrical. With a 95 Shred Cred, we found it easy to butter and press. Park riders will swoon over the Burton Name Dropper straight out of the wrapper.

Was $450
Now $270

Follow this link for deal: http://goo.gl/LBt11K

burton name dropper snowboard 2016

Asymmetrically tuned for duck-footed domination on jibs and jumps, the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard works harmoniously with your body for enhanced control when you’re spinning onto rails and maneuvering between hits. Realizing that heel and toe-side turning dynamics are drastically different, asymmetric boards have become a hit with freestyle riders desiring a quick-turning board that’s effortless in the park.

The FSC Certified Super Fly 800G core provides an ultra-light, soft-flexing feel lengthwise. It prevents you from looping out on landings and washing out because of adding a bit more torsional rigidity and triax fiberglass. Moreover, the speedy sintered base maintains your speed when you’re approaching larger handrails, longer boxes, and small to midsized jumps.

Burton Name Dropper Snowboard Specs:
Asymmetric twin (asymmetric flex, core profiling)
Flat Top profile (flat with rockered tips)
FSC Certified Super Fly 800G core
Off-Axis Squeezebox Low core profiling
Off-Axis Filet-O-Flex pads + core profiling
Off-Axis Frostbite edges
Triax fiberglass
Sintered base

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