Shred Cred Awards: Best Snowboards for 2017

Introducing the Best Snowboards for 2017

SEATTLE—September 2, 2016 —Board Insiders ( today announced the winners of the annual Shred Cred Awards, or the best snowboards for 2017. Gearing up for the annual test season, the Board Insiders crew embarked on a road trip called “Test the West”, where after the SIA Snow Show and Copper Mountain Demo in Denver, they snowboarded their way back to headquarters in Seattle, riding epic terrain along the way. Shortly after, it was time to head to Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, Oregon for 4 weeks of testing.

The crew tested 2016-2017 snowboards from 18 brands, some of which are new to the Board Insiders crew like Aloha, Empire Grown, Marhar and Soul Motion. The complete list of award winners can be found below. This year, it was evident that fringe shapes have found their way into mainstream lines. Even though this isn’t the first year of short, fat, and pointy, this is the first year that it could be considered the everyday snowboard. Several exceptional call outs on the new shapes are Ride War Pig, K2 Party Platter, Never Summer Swift, Marhar Lumberjack, and Salomon Derby. Inspired by the past, these new shapes each had a fresh take on the beloved throwbacks with shorter, wider and surfy characteristics in common. The crew hasn’t been as excited about the new snowboards lineups in since reverse and double camber were introduced 10+ years ago. Park riders should check out the Ride Kink, great jib board, and the Rossignol Jibsaw Heavy duty, which is one serious park board. The Smokin Jetson and Never Summer Warlock are particularly good for the freestyle/park rider who wants ultimate control in all-mtn/freeride conditions. For any light weight enthusiasts, take a look at the Never Summer Proto Type 2.

Every snowboard tested receives a Shred Cred score from 1 to 100 based on performance. The difference between the Shred Cred testing and other tests is that our team rides each snowboard for as long as it takes to get to know the snowboard. On average, a rider will devote an entire day, not just a couple runs, to testing a single snowboard. We also try to produce a video for each board tested. This keeps the process transparent. Only snowboards scoring 90 or above are eligible for Shred Cred Awards. The Board Insiders team is comprised of real, everyday snowboarders who vary in type of riding and ability. Look for Shred Cred Award badges at local retailers and online starting now.

Board Insiders produces hundreds of videos every year. In addition to the Shred Cred Review Videos, visit or the Board Insiders YouTube Channel at now for Behind-the-Scenes Factory Tours, Manufacturer Line Overviews, Carpet Flex Tests, and First Impression Review Previews.

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The following are the 2016 Shred Cred Awards (Best Snowboards for 2017):

2017 shred cred 95 gold

Gold, 95 or above

Ride War Pig (99)
CAPiTA Outerspace (98)
Marhar Lumberjack (98)
Never Summer Warlock (98)
Rossignol Jibsaw Heavy Duty (98)
CAPiTA Indoor Survival (97)
Never Summer Swift (97)
Ride Kink (97)
Arbor Draft (96)
K2 Party Platter (96)
Live 2 Ride Foundation (96)
Marhar Halfbreed (96)
Never Summer 25 (96)
Rome Agent Rocker (96)
Salomon Derby (96)
Smokin Jetson (96)
Empire Grown All-Mtn(95)
Endeavor Clout (95)
Gilson Fly (95)
Soul Motion Goldfish (95)
Slash Brain Storm (95)

2017 shred cred 90 silver

Silver, 90 or above

Aloha Park (94)
Live 2 Ride Abstract (94)
Never Summer Proto Type 2 (94)
Rome Buck Shot (94)
Venture Paragon (94)
Marhar Regent (93)
Rossignol Retox (93)
Slash Happy Place (93)
Slash Spectrum (93)
Smokin Superpark (93)
K2 Bottle Rocket (92)
Salomon Huck Knife (92)
Marhar Axiom (91)
Ride Alter Ego (91)

A special thank you to Timberline Lodge for hosting the Board Insiders team earlier this year. Thanks also to our supporters including 686, Mt. Hood 26, Vie Industries, Coal, GoPro, Choad Cheese Snowboard Wax, Holden, Pow, Mt. Hood Riders, Waxd Laces, and the many volunteers that make snowboard reviewing possible.

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