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We were recently asked, why snowboarding over skiing? This was our answer:

1. Get good fast
While your first day skiing will probably be easier than your first day snowboarding, it is much easier and faster to get good at snowboarding than skiing.
Plus, snowboarding is easier if you know any sideways sports already like skateboarding, surfing, or wakeboarding.

2. The boots
Ski boots are modern torture devices. Snowboard boots are, at worst heavy snow boots, at best, your best friend.

3. The culture
Snowboarding isn’t what they show on TV at the Olympics. If you choose to truly dive in to the culture, snowboarding is all about art and expression, whether on canvas, music, video, or the mountain. While skiiers show it from time to time with good video edits, snowboarders live it.

4. The love
Snowboarding is about hanging out with friends, getting turns, and reconnecting with nature.
If you snowboard for the first time, get lessons. If by the end of the third day snowboarding you are not hooked – Stop snowboarding is not for you. Switch to something like jogging, pilates, or skiing.

5. Cheaper
Average snowboard set-up is half the price of a ski set-up.

6. Privates Protected
This is for when you’re more advanced and riding in the park. It’s much harder to slide off a rail and onto your groin on a snowboard than on skis. That plank between your feet acts as nice barrier from a nut slam. Skis leave the opportunity for a rail to cause serious damage.

7. Thousands of other reasons´╗┐

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